Wednesday, March 30, 2011

that's why

it was not my intention at all
but finally i found the reasons why i've being like this
and why we will never make out to be friend again
i thought hard to find the answers
and now i know
it isn't only because of you
but it is me. definitely me.
and when i said sorry, i meant it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011





Monday, March 14, 2011

just a reply

its up to u if u wanna read my blog. i won't private my blog just to avoid u from reading it. and this is how i tell people how happy or frustrated i am towards something. yeah, u have the right to feel that way and in fact i'm glad u still have that kind of feeling. i had enough sorry or apologize towards you. once, i did cautious about everything about you, take care of your heart so called your feeling instead of mine but now, i think its time for me to take care of mine. i have nothing with you. just a respect as a friend but u were the one who spoiled it first. if you had enough with me, just go. i won't stop u. i won't say anything again. before this i tried to clear our misunderstandings but i think it was just a waste. thanx for messaging me late at night just to tell me how you felt. then, lets my post being our medium of communication. this is the honesty of mine towards something. the truly feeling of mine about u, i wrote it all in this.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


when these two people collaborated, i got speechless. ceis!

after this, no more meeting zarol accompanied by awe. good strategy i guess =)

yeah. i got a camera

yeah. i got a camera. thanx 4 asking even not straight through me. u can ask if u wanna know instead of messaging me with annoying words in it. and for your information it was not like 'oh, aku nak kamera tu la!then tros dapat'. i had to consider lots of thing and i did buy it at PC fair. satisfied with my own answer? sometimes, you can have what you desire but of course it needs sacrifice. instead of u said "ade orang tu sangat kaya..beli kamera harge ribu riban..." its better u ask me properly okay. it was sooo annoying when i got that message from u. felt like wanna reply with sarcastic words je tau. n i did not get any scholar but i do have my own ability to save my own money and i did able to buy what i want because of that. btw, thanx again for the curiosity towards what i have.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

1st of all, when i watched this movie, it did give me a goosebumps. seriously outrageous! well done to KRU production. then, marcus (Roman prince) did catch my eyes. never saw him before. so, i did google for this movie just to know the actors of this film. apparently, this what i found. he is Gavin Stenhouse, romantically link with Sharifah Amani. in other words, pakwe mat salleh si Amani ni rupenye.

i got this pic from beautifulnara lah!

lets forget about the Marcus and move to this movie. no wonder the film did use a really big budget. and it did not give me any disappointment watching this movie. memang best la! 1st malay film ever yang gempak camni. congratz to Stephen Rahman too who successfully played a role of Merong. no wonder la one of my lecturers really likes you. hee~


Thursday, March 10, 2011

spill out

sometimes, even people said how bad u are, i still accept the way u are. because i'm not the one who has right to judge u in any circumstances. i just a girl who needs friend all around me. then, u appeared and gave me all the supports. thanx for that. but sometimes i have limit. u should know that. i cried, i laughed even i spitted out bad words u were the 1st one who heard everything first. then, optimistically i decided that u knew everything about me. hence, please respect me. do not ever challenge my patience. when i said no, i meant no. and of course DON'T ever to mention it again. u can tell me everything that u want but just do not keep talking the same matters everyday which make me feel annoy. i know how to handle it myself and i know how to control my feeling. just go ahead if u like and do not drag me together with u. i'm different now. I've changed (that's what ***** always said). then, that's who i am.


woke up, on my lappy, facebooking, then it just rang a bell for me to jot all those things down. i do not want to be a backstabbing friend. enough that i've being a bad girl lately. i sensitive enough. it just i do not want to show it. that's the truth. now, feel better after spitted all them out.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

just for testing

agak2 manusia mane kasi pic ni kat aku ek???
tajuk pic ni 'just for testing'. bace tajuk pon dah tau tuan punya tangan yang tangkap pic ni tak berseni.=p

memang biru tol lah!

Monday, March 7, 2011



juz a nice mukaddimah kan? arini amat2 suke sebab cite2 tuk memiliki camera dah dapat. so, ni my 1st trial yg agak cantik. without editing kat picasa or photoshop ek..suke2! tapi my pic tak include ok.

oh, not to forget. thanx for coming (^_^)
gmbo ni je yg tak kontroversi sangat tuk diupload. hee...

p/s: i love this week =)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


mimpi indah?? memang tak la. sekarang mimpi yg datang semua susah nak recall balik. oh, bilik aku ade extra member skang. budak putus cinta. so, kalo dy kecewa memang dy datang bilik ni la. aku n rumate ley jadi penenang jiwa dy la coz kitorang ni muka kiut2. bila pandag je jiwa tros tenang. okeis! aku perasan di cni but ape salahnya kan? this is my blog. suke ati la nak puji diri sendiri pon. ye dok?? hehe!

lately takde ape2 isu2 menarek nak dibangkitkan. cukuplah aku menaikkan isu yang aku tak suke kat fb. bagi blog aku ni suci ckit daripada najis2 kebencian. ermm...ape lagi ek aku nak tulis. tiap kali nak update blog otak mesti blur. pelik sungguh.

eh, jap. dalam usia dah mencecah 23 ni memang wajib ek kene someone tuk dijadikan calon suami. dah lambat ek kalo takde?? hmm..