Wednesday, April 29, 2009


ke upm
jmpe ckin
die blanje saye
thanx =)
thanx coz meluangkn mase.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


i've become a useless sister in law here
dis wut i think
no mood 2 do anything except 3 things
1) tenet
2) watching tv
3) of course sleeping
sory my dear sis in law
dont hv any attention 2 make u 'serabut'
but..hmm..still i am enclosed of laziness
to my bro, really hate ur statement
do i hv 2 state here, yea..i hv 2. so, dis is wut he said 2 me:
" putus cinta ni asik tido saja"
my luvly bro, 4 ur in4mation even b4 i knew him
or in luv with him or broke up with him,
sleeping is my feveret (xprasan coz diri ini lbey byk idup di hostel)
nothing change i guess.
so, people who nvr know me, d exact of myself,
dun dare 2 judge my actions n
dun ever dare 2
say dat 'i'm changing' coz i'm sick with dat 'words'
n i had enough with it! khalas!! (fev arabic vocab of lini n azy =p)

2day, i spent above rm60 2 buy kfc 4 my anak2 sedare
n asked 4 d job there. so i got d form n now i'm thinking wether
wanna submit it or not...hmm...
still dunno or hv any plan 4 myself
(kamu teruk needa~sigh~)

u're not ok

u said u're ok
actually u're not
u said u can 4get
actually u can't
u said u'll move 4wd
actually u stand still
u said let it be
actually u dont't
u said it is only memory
actually u miss it
u said u'll hold ur words
actually u hold not
~u're bad gurl~

Friday, April 17, 2009

special post to cheng ho si apek sayur =p

mntak puisi dariku,
ini khas tuk mu =p
cheng ho si apek sayur,
mate sepet slalu terkuyu
kanta besar berlapis lapis
bace buku undang2 x habis2
cheng ho si apek sayur,
smue kate mau berhujah
bakal peguam biaselah
tp sengal mmg xkalah
cheng ho si apek sayur,
sy da xde idea nk merapu
post ni khas tuk mu
jgn lupe belanje daku =p

two in one (dua dlm satu)

lalui hari2 dgn indah
pasrah biarpun marah
teruskn idup dgn riang
jgn biar ia jd penghalang
beralah bukan kalah
cuma tidak mahu tersalah
serik kerna ia sakit
tercarik ati kerna ia perit
terkenang walaupun dihalang
tak tahu sampai bila ia kan datang
usir pergi langkah bijak
kerna tak mahu lagi dipijak
dikata penyebar kata2
walaupun ia sendiri yg buka pekung di dada
jadi, apa perlu lagi?
nyah dari sini!
pernah dikata jgn sesal kerna aku yg pinta
bukan sesal kerna itu kukira
tapi sesal kerna kesilapan itu ada
bahagialah ia
cuma sedarlah kupinta
~tit 4 tat~
do people always receive d consequences
of what they've done?
not all...dats d exact answer
maybe not in this world...
live with lies
luv with lust
what do we get from those things?
ambitious as a way 4 reaching what we want
even in a wrong way...
grab all d opportunities
w/out even thinking its consequences
angry. desperate. envy. jealousy.
people nvr escape from those things
d question,
do people use their mind properly?
or juz based on lust?
hurting. torturing. ignoring.
do people hv heart 2 do dis?
yes! dat d answer.
even 4 simple matters (people always do)
sumtimes it is simple 4 us but not 4 others.
tit 4 tat
hoping people experience it
not coz of grudge
juz 2 realize their mistakes.


solitary moment. nvr expecting undergoes dis period.
nvr expecting experiences dis period. nvr expecting it feels so pain.
nvr expecting its hard to face. nvr expecting it happens 2 me.
thanx 4 giving me dis experience.
thanx coz it taught me a lot.
thanx coz it taught me 2 be tougher.
thanx coz it taught me 2 be braver.
thanx coz it taught me 2 be stronger.
lonely...a moment dat u'll remember
back all ur fault. ur wrong doings. ur sins.
keep staring like penetrating the wall.
hoping n wishing u were nvr done or wouldn't do it.
not 2 late 2 realize it but alrealy late 2 go back
n correct all those damn things.
juz walk away. looking 4wd. think +ve.
keep on ur life. be better person everyday.
nvr turn around n nvr make all ur fault b4 as
ur weakness 2 move 4wd. juz let go all things dat hv been passed.
ley bygone be bygone.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i dun hv strength to say these bt.....

pious person dt i wish not 2 meet
~full of sweet words
~full of orders (so called advices)
~full of egos
~full of lies
~full of reasons
~being cool then cold
~being concern then ignores
~being gentle then harsh
~being noble then cruel
happiness that i'm avoiding from
~full of sweet supports
~luvly words 2 comfort
~surrounding by people i know
~hardly been described its figure
~experiencing lots of luv
~treating luv like choosing the clothes
~nvr put its feet in others shoes
i had enough with all of these damn things.
overused of lacrimal gland bcoz of those stupid things.
pseudobulbar?? no.......=p still a normal person =)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

juz for a person who is really pious =)

jika aku salah
aku telah beralah
kamu tak kalah
tapi sabar menjadi falsafah
jadi, teruskan langkah
aku kan terus endah
tapi bila ia sudah
tamatlah kisah
teruskan langkah
jangan kau endah
*aku mau kamu bahagia

Thursday, April 2, 2009

had a date!

thanx cayunk!=)
at last, had sum times 2 spend with u.
at 1st, wanna buy ticket blk kampung ajer..
alang2 menyeluk pekasam.
ronggeng2! exam is so close..but no kesedaran sivik.
met with hensem boy named zara.
unique name for a boy i think.
he has hair style like Go Han.hhehhee!!=p (his mother said:japanese hair tue!)
tom tam kung n strawberry milkshake 4 me n lasagna n expresso mocha ice blended 4 her.
really fulled! thanx cayunk 4 agreat time.=)

*cayunk=marlini mesran (my rumate)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

farewell party bak kate ijat =p

dismbar halilintar bak kate azy!=p lg yg mau dikatekn.
mkn besy. senior besh. lecturers besh.
theme of d nite : setaman kasih semekar adiwarna.
as a conclusion, had to wear 'bunge2'.
ku pakai ijau ajer...heheheh~ ( fevret color-no offense 'bout dat )
so, we enjoyed d party ( party la sgt!)

*islamic party i guess (wakakkaka!=p)