Thursday, December 29, 2011

exam mode

i'll be having this dream until next year okaiy! i know its already the end of december. saje nak buat statement gempak. hehhe! so, my first paper today was super super super dahsyat!and my brain was really really really fatigue even it was only the muqaddimah part of the exam. sekian.

3 more papers to go and i'll be free. oh, not to forget the practical exam. every sem it does give me the feeling of extreme nervousness. only Allah knows. well, after all i still need to undergo it. so, go needa!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

short holiday in gambang (^_^)

biar gambar berbicara:

our apartment!!! very lovely (^_^)

first thing first. snap! snap! =)

out for dinner. riang nye saya apabila ketemu nasi. maklum lah, nak save duit malam2 makan oat je. ahakz!=p

swollen faces! breakfast time. makan banyak2. gather tenaga tuk bermain. hehehe!=) play!! yeay!!!! (^_^)

fairy tale night. snap aje asal gambo nampak menarek. haisy~

p/s: sile bercuti begini bile ade sponsor atau dengan erti kata lain kalo boleh menumpang. especially bile masih bergelar student seperti saya!! (^_^)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

tak puas hati

bangun awal pagi dengan semangat berkobar2 tuk ke kelas. tahu ape jadi? class cancel. then memasang hajat supaya mock viva pon cancel tapi malang nye tidak. last minute preparation. mangharapkan dapat jawab dengan 50% baik sahaja. hujan amat lebat. bergerak ke kuliyyah dengan perasaan yang amatlah tidak rela.

mock viva berlangsung. finally this was a comment that i got:
"you have the knowledge and the answer about this but you're uncertain. so, please read more, do a revision more. and please be more serious"

sile fokuskan pada ayat "please be more serious". panjang hujah yang diberikan kepada saya dengan harapan saya akan appear dengan mode and muka yang lebih serous after this. so, response yang diterima bila berwajah serious pegi ni:

1) needa, senyum la sikit!!
2) needa, nape serius semacam ni?
3) needa, are you okay?
4) needa, ko nampak marah.

jadi, wajah ini yang akan saya wujudkan for the sake of my professionalism and nak menandakan saya serious. dan paling penting, lecturers or supervisors do not misinterpret keseriusan saya. thats me when i'm serious. most friends do not like it. and i'll do it if you wanna me to look that serious.

oh, btw. BTN seminar this morning memang menyakitkan hati. "saya bukan nak cakap pasal politik" but the fact is most of ape yang dicakapkan memang berunsur politik. kami masih student. ini tahap awal untuk sesi brain wash kah? and sesi membersihkan nama2 yang terlibat. itu paling pasti. dan memburuk2 kan pihak lain yang terlibat? i really hope that wasn't what BTN is.

upsetting girl
(because of yesterday and today) T_T

p/s: saya memang tak puas hati dgn diri sendiri dan dengan apa yang saya kena dengar pagi ni.

Monday, December 12, 2011

can't sleep

one little two little three little indian...bla bla bla. isy! its better to zikir la instead of singing those things. i can't sleep!!! help me please. now, staring and typing to post a blog saying to the world i can't sleep tonight. how psycho i am. take a deep breath...1 2 3....exhale! yes! looks like my mind totally got blank. could't continue with my study and assignments and here i am! telling everything in this blog. looks like it is obviously becoming my smart diary. ececece~ oh, just mind the above pic. if i do hear angels singing, i won't be here seating on my chair and posting a new post. currently i do realize i love to write everything but i have to really3 careful not to expose much of my personal life. (saying like i'm a hot star). ala....bile lagi nak masuk bakul angkat sendiri kan??? so, what i'm going to babble tonight? my roommates already safely asleep. tomorrow oh not tomorrow, just 7 hours later we will have clinic. i do hope i'll fall asleep now. i wanna sleep or it will definitely difficult for me to wake up tomorrow. aiya!! what am i going to do. with this current state of my brain and condition, continue study is no! no argument! its no! should i pray a lot for me to get sleep. yeah..i think so.

eh..who's next to get married after this. so jealous maaaa...ayah!!!! nak kahwin jugak! ok, my lunatic and ecstatic mood is coming without warning. gatai! blajo tak abes lagi nak kahwin. isy3~ who influenced me??? its really cold tonight. i studied with covering all my body with a comforter. not to forget, wearing socks and also sweater. my friends just did a statement saying i was like someone who lives in Eskimo. ok what???=p oh no...its already near to 1.30 am. i should sleep...i should sleep. eyes..please behave. btw, just viewed my friend's wedding pics. so cccaaaannnnttttiiikkkkk la! i have to lose 10kgs at least to look like that. arrgghh! stress (buat gaya macam Gary in running man).

yes! my eyes are getting heavy. oh yes! heavier. good night peeps. good night i <3 me. see you tomorrow.

p/s: wishing and pray tomorrow, there will not be lots of patient to be faced. *bile buat keje tak ikhlas, such thoughts will come. okeh! perbetulkan niat. assalamualaikum (^_^)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

first from my class

a sweet muit couple (i curi from apek's fb. halal ek..^_^)

okay, apek and aizan. both were my classmates at mrsm taiping. kalau nak diikotkan aku lah manusia paling lambat tahu diorang ni suke same suke. cinta sama cita. ceewwaaah! tak kesah lah pasal tu. yang penting diorang dah nak kahwin and there are first from my class. *suke!suke! (sambil tepuk tangan). tahniah ye kamu berdua. moga bakal bahagia hingga roh terpisah jasad. Insyaalah saya confirm sampai kenduri nanti. hehe! excited nye nak tengok korang bersanding. btw congratulation to both of you.

p/s: sy student lagi, so nanti sy kasi hadiah ala kadar je ye (^_^). tak sabar jugak nak gather ngan member2 classmates yang lain. see you there pals!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

update sudah~

duit oh duit!!!! where are you. please come!!! i'm here. always waiting for you. oh, please always be available just for my sake. eh, hello!!! if just by saying those words, money can automatically appears in front of you, no need PTPTN la babe. no need PAMA sponsorship lah. just shout and ask for the money and it will fly straight away to your face. isy! *starting to be lunatic again. aiya~ "sigh"

just got back from TC. actually i intended to upload several photos at TC just now,but since the internet connection is not so good lets just forget about it. don't worry too much, just imagine my chubby but cute little face posing daringly but with polite at this screen.hehehe! what had been discussed there? lots of thing. too many things to recall. obviously...we are girls okaiy. (^_^) even we started with a simple and little thing, we had the ability to make it wide, wider, widest??? lets use a simple sentence and easier to understand, we love gosipping. thats all! khalas, no need more elaboration about that. we can start the conversation beginning with school life until U life. non stop. no need to feel weird, girls are girls.

okaiy! now, i'm updating my blog with my head thinking of my unfinished slides for my research progress presentation. i had a blasting holidays without even touched any assignment and enjoyed my days, back to my usual days which everyday worrying about the assignments, clinics and so on but no any action was taken. how impressive! and how ecstatic my life is. *i hate typing and because i tend to type nad. why??? okaiy, just a commercial break. hehe! =p

btw, alone at room seriously giving me a calmness. no need to watch my roommates study or whatsoever. i can do whatever i want without affected by them. *i'm psycho. i know. the feeling may be affected but still... me is just like me. when i feel like wanna do i'll do. otherwise, the answer is no. or i'll deviate. maybe i finished less than 20%. despicable me. *dumb T_T

to my both friends, a thousand apologize from me. i seriously can't attend your wedding. i'm a jobless student with less and lesser money. so, please do understand my condition. and since my habit of doing and preparing all the chores, things, assignments so last minute i don't think i'll manage to attend. sorry again. but please do come for my wedding. *calon please~ hik3!=p i should stop here i think. i feel like my brain is deteriorating. exaggerated word is used. does it suitable??? nope...should be the function of my brain is deteriorating. ok, good needa! keep up your good job in English. keep writing even sometimes you used wrong words and grammar. *sudden self motivated.

ok, assalamualaikum.
p/s: please do reply yaw!! *muka penuh berharap =p

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

shadow is better than figure

ahakz! see my title for this post la. i'm going to karut marut tonight as tomorrow i'll be heading back to kuantan. ok, lets start. jap, benti tampar nyamuk jap tadi. spoil btol. lost my idea tau! (*sile bace nada gedik). i took that pic during raya. sama2 pasang pelita raya n main bunga api kan. so, malam raya kat kampung is the best! kalau tak caya, sudah! malas saya nak amik peduli. saya nak kurus tinggi like my shadow. but make sure ek bukan shadow yg waktu 12pm tu. thats terrifying. hahha! tall and thin. double Ts. not like me who is not so tall and obviously far a way from a word thin.huu~ *sile panjangkan angan2 anda sampai ke angkasa. ni sebagai motivasi diri. i have to really really really strengthen my self determination and motivation just to loss a few kgs. but where can i get this strength. kene gali lubang tanah dalam2 or panjat pokok tinggi2 ke? what to do????!!! even my lecturer aka my fyp supervisor pon ckp i look like gaining weight. what to do? what to do? what to do? (*yg ni pulak, bace ikot rentak lagu hey mickey!) ari2 minum air je jangan makan nasi or whatsoever. then, bile sakit or hampir2 mati, salahkan penimbang berat yang menunjukkan berat badan yang tak sepatot nye. ok? logik?
hmm...lets drop the issue of being tall and thin. i'll work harder to lose some kgs but my height, i guess can't be changed anymore. btw, just back from teluk intan. had few blasting days with syawal mikhael. he turns cuter and more hansome. should i use handsomer??? pancung lidah! sesuke ati tukar grammar. so, bile otak dah mula fikir tuk kembali ke kuantan, jadual kehidupan yg lebey serius mule difikirkan. macam2 nak kene buat. nak ke kenduri kahwin rakan2 pon kene consider banyak kali. kenapa korang kahwin awal sangat??? tunggu la saya kahwin dulu.huk3! prince charming, are you there??? cepat masuk meminang saya. *again, i'm nuts.

okaiy, tadi saje survey2 kete ape yg patot dibeli and affordable with gaji yang tak berapa nak banyak. so, my brother did give me an opinion. we did google for kia forte. siap buat comparison between 1.6EX, 1.6SX nd 2.0SX. of course la yang 2.0SX paling mantap tapi yang affordable, 1.6EX je.hahha! saya memasang angan2 agar hidup saya lebey terjamin. ye dak? =) now my target:::::::::jeng!jeng!jeng!!!!! finishing my study la. ape lagi??? then get a good jod to begin with and slowly upgrading my life. i want a stable and an enjoyable life. (^_^)

p/s: dude, thanx for dropping a comment. at least i know, you still remember me (^_^). but the feeling of tamparmukayoulajulajuandsepakkakiyoukuatkuat still ade.