Tuesday, November 29, 2011

secondhand serenade

i fall in love with this guy's voice and of course with his songs. seriously capable of making my heart melting. *gilo tak saya??? i thought it was a band with vocalist, guitarist, bass and everyting but only him playing and singing everything. so mantapkan? he started his debut on 2006 and i was introduced with his song by my friend which was i did not like it at first. "your call"....but after listened and listened and keep listening, i fell in love with his voice and his songs. however i do not know how long i can be his fan. apparently i don't have any good record regarding of being *kipas susah mati of any singers. hehehe! but seriously the lyrics of his songs and the melody are really good. *angkat lebey2 nampak. =p so go dear!!! if u'll come again to Malaysia please give me a free tix for your concert. opps! may be you should give me couple of them. i have to bring a company though. hahha!

p/s: to a guy, please contact me (^_^)then we can listen to his songs togather. *i'm nuts!! =p will be having a nap after isyak prayer and need to continue with my assignments. huuu~ this is student life. everyone knows.

so, chow!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

don't bother to read

currently sitting on my chair. staring on my lappy. thinking. oh, don't bother to lie saying you're thinking needa. hmm...i'm planning of doing my assignments. my dozen of assignments. again, i'm lying. should minus 10 for those assignments. then will get the accurate quantity of them. woke up early in the morning, heading for breakfast (roti tampal n roti canai + teh tarik) which were really marvelous, cleaning my room and clothes which consumed 2 hours (mopping and everything), then rest for the remaining time until now. not yet perform my prayer and now stuck typing to post something in my blog. wahh!!! like writing a diary. at least i know that i did something benefit today. haha!

eh, to azyan kadir i really feel so sorry. its not that i don't want to join you for kenduri but don't feel like fit to be there with both of you. just enjoy your day okaiy. *kempunan masuk bukit istana. hahaha! i'll fresh myself after this and ready to do my assignment. should do at least a lil bit of them so that won't feel *ghalat for not doing anything during my free time. not doing anything does not mean i don't really do anything, the thing is i do not do something benefit toward me. thats all. *faham ayat kel aku???

oh, for the best song award which was initially nominated to yuna just being given to anuar zain. both i like. both i don't like. do not mind much about that. but still, should not do that way. both parties might feel awkward or...one party feels upset. *just my opinion (no need to bother). anuar zain's voice is superb except his controversy of being ***. other than that he's the best. just don't judge a person by his look la kan. should know him better than you can say it. out of blue, i jump into artist matter. hahha! unintentionally okaiy.

i'm in period of waiting the permission of taking, bringing and using my brother's car for the sake of data collection. lucky me i got 5 brothers. and lucky me i was not in my brothers' era of studying. everything was impossible and now, when my time comes everything is possible. just delivers the messages to ayah properly and he will consider them thoroughly. everything is for the sake of my study but i'm here writing a blog, not doing my assignment. hisy! *anak tak mengenang budi.

so, daaaa~ i need to do a really prior and important thing in my life now. study!

p/s: i'm hoping for having nice present and future days.

Monday, November 21, 2011

focus deviates

10 mins to 3pm. and i'm sitting and still planning how to start my report. got all the info but the internet connection got better and makes me deviate from doing my report. this week, i got few works that have to be finished. no further delay. never learn from my mistakes! isy! i did plan them thoroughly and just need to be done. i need the much and best effort here. can someone lend me some. hehehe!

these are my urgent and important things to be done:
1) Report for aural rehabilitation
2) Assignment for industrial audiology
3) Assignment for Advance auditory amplification
4) Data collection for FYP

ermm..what else???
should i continue my works now? i think so. just do this quick update to refresh my blog. hahha! i'm lunatic. *nuts!

p/s: hey, sarawakian guy! if i can shoot you right now, i dare to say i'll do it. heartless guy!!!! grrr!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

cloud nine in a storm

ok! this is really amuse me! and i totally agree with lil garfield. hahhaa! if i can use that as my excuses of gaining weight, it'll really bliss me. but the truth is i ate and eat a lot. and now, my friend is offering prawn cracker of double Decker snack. and i do not qualify to use that as my brilliant excuses, well...i'm not that genius.

lets move to my current problem. my pendrive became useless. all the important files in that were gone. VIRUS!!!! damn you. cis! bedebah! pergi maen jaoh2!. if all these swears can avoid my pendrive from got infected i did not need to buy KIS as the primary protection. KIS?? Kapersky Internet Security laaaa...okeh! dah selamat jahanam baru terhegeh2 nak anti virus bagai ek. at least, next time the same thing won't happen to me again. just pray for the best lah kan. =) but alhamdulillah, still i managed to get back all the files wanted. thanx to emailing technology. yeehaaa! *nuts! got to go. need to finish and submit my ethics proposal to SV.

p/s: i still in a good mood even got lots thing to do. thats why lah i called this entry as cloud nine in a storm. aci??? =p

eh, i miss my ex lah (nuts). teeheee!!! =p