Tuesday, September 20, 2011


in the state of preparing the proposal.
will be having research proposal presentation next week.
hope luck will be on my side.
pray for me (^_^)

long entry and macam2 kisah will be updated after next week!

i'll do whatever it takes!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


currently watching CSI. its really easy to hitch someone in this. omg. lets forget about it. like before my intro of my post mesti ayat lame gile nak update tp bal bla bla bla. still in month of syawal. gladly semuanye berjalan dengan lancar. happening. had the opportunity to gather with all family members. it is not about raya i'm going to speak here. but it is more important subject actually. it is respect. dah lame tak update something serious like this but i feel like i have and need to.

its been years she's been a mother. okey specifically stepmom. it does not matter either she's biological mom or stepmom but at least give her some respect even you do not like her. i really hope i can tell you this face to face but of course your ego and pride won't allow me. i hate you for what you have done. i hate you for being backstabber. i hate you for being talam dua muka. we are ageing. don't you ever realize it? please...change your attitude.

jangan sampai one day your own children treat you the same way you did.

and as a husband,its better to educate your wife really well.