Thursday, August 25, 2011


everything is lembap
my lappy
my progressing in doing proposal
my preparationfor raya
everything is lembap
i truly and really really hate this

Thursday, August 18, 2011

announcement!!!! EMERGENCY!!!


I FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS GUY!!!my heart is fluttering especially when he smiles. damn!!so cute!!!

"park shi hoo", i love you <3<3<3

p/s: sile fokus pada mata dy. sepet je kan? cute!!! (^_^)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


quite a while i did not update my blog. tenet connection before this but now, lucky me! wireless is everywhere. thanx to my anak sedara (^_^). Ramadhan, tup tup dah separuh bulan dah berpuasa. cepat. but still i need a really lot of guts for me to change. i'm not changing yet. and i do not like it this way. it becomes my addiction and i know its wrong. i want to correct my wrongdoings but still i'm weak. half a month, i'll use it properly.

oh, i'm searching some guts for my proposal. any progress?? of course, no! still stuck with the intro and only one definition. WTH?? that's me. really demotivated when at home and laziness is everywhere in myself. DAYEM! see!!! i need to change. who will marry me if i'm still in this area of laziness. ok, thats not funny but i meant it! got to go, in the mood of 'MARS NEEDS MOM' and i need MOTIVATION!! give me some please.

oh, you!! i am really disappointed, upset, frustrated, demotivated, and all the negative things with you. you know what, i'm nobody but still a person who got feeling. understood? did i make myself clear here. of course clear enough right? so, an educated person like you might not do not understand this.